Authorized Trollbeads Retailer for North America and the Caribbean

Trollbeads dealers that attended the Las Vegas 2012 Trollbeads Academy were gifted with this very special bead. 

After our delicious meal, Lise Aagaard told a very special story of how several new beads had been discovered while they were going through their father’s things.  Until now, these beads were undiscovered.  One in particular was very special to them, so the story goes that they decided to create this bead.  It does not have a formal name that I’m aware of, but we have nick-named it the ‘Deck of Cards’.  On one side is a flower and the other side is a heart. As Lise told the story and held the suspense with us all, I saw dozens of wait staff lining up along the banquet hall and begin to file into the audience and each one went to a table and presented each guest with a Trollbeads gift box.  Inside was this amazing and heartfelt gift to each of us.  I was very moved, as was the entire gathering of Trollbeads dealers.  I felt  pride and devotion towards this family who has created such a legacy, one that has brought much success to us all!